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In the ever-evolving landscape of International Road Haulage, managing costs efficiently is a top priority. At FTZ Telecoms, we recognize the significance of this challenge for businesses, especially when it comes to mobile phone bills. Recently, our dedicated team, led by Dermot and Claire, had the privilege of working closely with a valued client, Carna Transport, whose loyalty has spanned over four years.

Navigating the Cost Challenges of International Road Haulage

For businesses in International Road Haulage, controlling mobile phone expenses, including call and data usage charges, is a critical aspect of financial strategy. Redmond, a trusted customer for over four years, sought a solution that would provide substantial cost reductions without compromising the quality of service.

Redmond’s testimonial speaks volumes about their collaborative approach. The team at FTZ Telecoms, building on four years of partnership, worked tirelessly to find a solution tailored to Redmond’s unique circumstances, resulting in a significant drop in costs.

Beyond the impressive financial savings, what truly sets FTZ Telecoms apart is our commitment to actively listening to our clients. Dermot and Claire demonstrated the ability to understand the intricacies of Redmond’s business, ensuring that the proposed solution perfectly aligned with their needs.

“Being a loyal customer for over four years, the financial saving was significant, but equally important was that the FTZ team demonstrated the ability to listen to our unique circumstances and design a solution that fitted our needs. We would highly recommend Dermot and all his Team.”


Always Available, Always Committed:

At FTZ Telecoms, we take pride in being more than just a service provider. We are partners dedicated to the success of our clients. Redmond’s recommendation highlights our team’s availability and commitment to delivering solutions that matter, whether it’s a simple request or a comprehensive review of their mobile spend. Robert , General Manager of Carna Transport is also a fan.

“As General Manager of Carna Transport, I was fed up with high mobile bills until we switched to FTZ Telecoms. Dermot and the team tailored a budget-friendly plan, ensuring a seamless transition with no compromise on service. The real game-changer? Significant savings, transparent pricing, and top-notch support. FTZ Telecoms not only reduced our costs but also provided excellent service. I highly recommend them for any business seeking a reliable and cost-effective mobile phone provider.”


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