Why not join O2 with FTZ?

Prior to moving across to the O2 network through FTZ O2 franchise we had a number of issues with our mobile telecoms. Issues ranged from poor network coverage, high costs and ineffective account management.

Since moving provider we have found a noticeable difference in the day to day management of our account. We have been able to control our costs more efficiently with the introduction of spend caps, close monitoring of our numbers through O2’s billing portal and regular checks on usage in real time.

Before moving to O2 we were frequently exceeding data allowances and receiving charges for international calls and texts. Using the solutions put in place by David and his team we have been enable to ensure our costs come in at the agreed price each month which gives us the peace of mind that we will not receive any unwanted charges. It has also allowed us to make significant savings on costs that we previously would not have saved.

The account management has been second to none. David and the team in the business centre are always only a phone call away should we require anything. They are proactive, for example they provide us with quarterly billing reviews, monitor our allowances and costs and identify trends in data usage, roaming and international calling. Thank you team o2!

Mark Grundy General Manager Balloo Hire

If you would like to review your telecommunications then get in touch with the O2 Business Centre on 0333 121 0202 or visit our website www.ftzltd.com